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Working Papers

Optimal Indirect Regulation of Externalities  PDF   Slides (short)

January 2024

The Public Option and Optimal Redistribution  PDF

January 2023

Robust Bounds for Welfare Analysis (with Shosh Vasserman)   PDF   NBER   Twitter

May 2022, revision requested at the American Economic Review

Contracting and Vertical Control by a Dominant Platform (with Ellen MuirPDF

January 2022

Conference Publications

Fixed-Price Approximations in Bilateral Trade (with Francisco Pernice and Jan VondrákPDF

August 2021, in Proceedings of the 2022 Annual ACM–SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA '22), pp. 2964–2985.

Older Working Papers

Fixed-Price Approximations to Optimal Efficiency in Bilateral Trade (with Jan VondrákPDF

September 2019, partially superseded by "Fixed-Price Approximations in Bilateral Trade" (with Francisco Pernice and Jan Vondrák).